The Million Strands


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The billions of strands that hold together every living thing in our existence. How we look, talk, eat, behave and interpret everything in our world is thanks to the billions upon billions of tiny threads. traits since the birth of my family, passed through eons to come to fruition. I never truly thought about this when i was young, none of us did. when we looked in the mirror all we would see was us, the child of our parents but now I see my mothers nose and my grandfathers smile. At first it made me sad, it was as if I was only a copy, an amalgamation of my family but now I am proud of it. Though the physical is only half the story, I am unfortunate to have inherited my mothers fear of confrontation but ironically her fiery temper as well. I was granted my fathers understanding but all his nonchalance when it comes to things I do not deem important to me. Fate has dealt me a cruel hand, a fiery temper that cannot be backed up and a caring personality that becomes apathetic in a moments notice. My personality is a bit of a social juxtaposition; I try avoid confrontation, thus people tend to walk all over me but I become angry when they do. Passive aggressive would be an apt description. When it becomes unbearable I just think to the millions of strands and how we are all intertwined by them, connected at a base level but infinitely divided by it as well.The kaleidoscopic strands that hold my family together, that separate us, an eternal link to who we are and who we will be. The billions of people and their billions of strands, all separated and all connected.



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